27 Rosiers

Your daily provisions

Live the skin you are in. Modern-day life brings daily challenges to the skin we live in; from your daily commute, lunchtime yoga, or those late-night work drinks, your skin is your first line of defense. Protect it. 27 Rosiers focused on developing beauty and skin products that are clean, rich in natural ingredients, and help build a defense against pollutants and other harmful substances. With an emphasis on natural ingredients, transparency in the product science, and a passion for developing sustainable products, we developed a visual identity that was minimal and elegant. The brand needed to convey honesty, trust, inclusivity, and after all, skincare is for all of us. Using simplified, clean, and delicate typography focuses on the message, rather than letting the visual aesthetics take over (this is not a smoke and mirror beauty brand). We incorporated this with a bold color palette that maintained a feeling of calm and honesty. Our objective was for the brand’s personality to shine; teacher, mentor, and friend.