Electric Bowery

Design for a life well-lived

Designing for holistic living. Blurring the lines of work, life, and pleasure. Electric Bowery is an architecture and interiors firm founded in Venice, California, in 2013. Over the years working with entrepreneurs, families, and creatives coast to coast, they’ve grown to understand how the world—and the way we live in it—is changing. The lines between work, life, and pleasure are fading, and humankind is no longer willing to sacrifice one version of ourselves for another. Instead, seeking out the balance and sustainability—one life, filled with purpose and well-being. Electric Bowery creates spaces that help you occupy your entire self, and move seamlessly between your passions and priorities. We design for health, happiness, and making the most of our time on this earth. We created a visual system that reflects the elevated design approach of Electric Bowery. A simple visual metaphor of an eclipse forms the brands symbol, a reminder that time is transient and fleeting. Slow moving, cinematic videos are used throughout the brand to convey the essence of time and encourage us to take pause.